Rachel Wallader UK No 1 Shot Putter

Rachel Wallader, UK No1 Shot Putter’s Interview with Back4health

Rachel Wallader UK No 1 Shot Putter
Rachel Wallader UK No 1 Shot Putter

Rachel Wallader is one of our resident elite athletes and already this season has thrown a PB and is now on her travels to the European indoor championships in Belgrade. We thought we would give you a chance to hear from this athlete and see what really matters at top level athletics.

So with the indoor European champs on Friday I guess what we really want to know is.. who would win a fight superman or the hulk?

“Definitely hulk 😉

Controversial there!!

Training for the shot must require massive amounts of strength and speed, so have you always been into heavy balls?

“Yea 16years now!”

Early developer obviously.

Growing up and having dreams of being a competitive shot putter do you find throwing your teddies out of your cot to be advantageous?

“Definitely not, throwing teddies out the cot won’t get you very far 😉

When you travel around the world competing in major events representing Great Britain does you Shot make up part of your total baggage allowance?

“It sure does, unfortunately it is deemed a dangerous object in your hand luggage haha.”

Watching you train and throw it requires a fantastic amount of skill, coordination and footwork, do you think you will ever reach a level where you will get to do strictly?

“Oh god no! I’m not a good dancer despite the co-ordination.”

I think we might have found our next John Sargeant if your watching Darcy.

Finally Good luck on Friday, hopefully you will get more PBs and make a mark on the European champs as you fly the flag for the UK and of course us here at Back4health.