The ultimate Detox

The Ultimate Detox. How I Lost 50 Pounds in One Week.

Congratulations you are one of two people. Group A; you read these blogs and are wondering what drivel I will roll out today or Group 2; you’re a sucker who actually believes bull£&!7 headlines. Well either way you’re here now so you might as well waste five mins of your life and learn my amazing secret.

Secret Ingredients.

After 5 years trekking the deepest hills of Nepal and spending a great deal of time with the local Eskimos feeding and tending their camels I came across an astounding fact. I’d never met a fat legged camel. Well that got me to thinking, they are famous for their ability to hold water so it must have been something in this which gave them their supermodel legs.

I fashioned a crude mining and stilling setup to draw from their salt licks and before I knew it I had it. Now we have the worlds largest open cast mine to give you detox you need.

The Routine.

This detox couldn’t be simpler and fits in with any lifestyle with amazing results. Just simply substitute each meal for our special Himalayan camel water detox. We recommend 3 square meals of it a day but if you miss one it doesn’t matter you will actually lose more weight.

The Benefits.

– Improved bowl transition. While on our special formula you will have no constipation and increased transition time.

– Improved quality of life. You won’t need to go shopping for the conventional and unproven method of improving health known as eating real foods.

– Increased free time. With the lack of shopping you need to do coupled with your lack of energy you won’t want to go to the gym so you can just sit back watch tv and get skinny fat.

The Cost.

So how much is this revolutionary detox.  Well as an introductory offer we are giving you your first two weeks supply for just £100. That’s right we will help you LOSE 50 POUNDS A WEEK!!!

In Summary.

There’s nothing really more to say. If you still want to spend money on a detox then you’re beyond redemption.