6 Minute Abs

6 Minute Abs

6 Pack shortcut.

That’s right you read right we are here to give you the secret to 6 minute abs. You want that washboard stomach that you’ve been craving for so long. It’s finally your time to grace the cover of that magazine. So here it is, all the secrets and information you need to be the Adonis you really are. And not one sit up is needed. Just a few curls while you’re reading will do.

1. Smooth as!!

First things first you need to quickly trim all your belly button hair and while your at it get the strimmer out for your back and shoulders too. Unless your chosen cover is national geographic best keep the pelt to a minimum.

2. Pump up the Volume.

Inflating your lats is the next step. Now the bigger you make your wings look the smaller your waist will look and the better those rippling abs will show off. While your at it do lots of bicep curls. Big arms are an essential requirement for any ab routine. The inflation of your lats is a crucial step so make sure you get it right. the easiest way to do this is imagine you are carrying a large roll of carpet under each arm.

3. Breath and Contract.

Now your almost there just a couple of step to go. This one can be treacherous and you you could end up with a load of washing to do if you push too hard. Simply take a deep breath in imagining you’re trying to lift your freshly trimmed belly button up under your ribs, next try and squeeze out a no. 2 don’t actually do it though!! Here is where you have to be careful, too much and you could have a floor like a chocalatier’s worktop, just right and those beautiful abs should be starting to shine out.

4. Let There be Light.

Now this is crucial. You have to make sure that you get the light shining directly down on you casting a shadow off your flabs, highlighting the curves off your muscular stomach. This isn’t cheating as the sun is above you all the time so its just like a mini really well positioned sun, practically the same as when your strolling down the beach being ogled by the hoards of admirers.

5. Sparta!!!

If this all seems like too much effort its understandable don’t worry there is another easy option……..