The Best Gloves for the Gym

Top 3 Weight Lifting Gloves

This is an important topic and one that we are frequently discussing at the gym so it only seems right that we share the insights that we have gathered over the years and collate them into this handy guide to help you make the right decision when it comes to selecting the best way to look after your delicate hands.

1. Gardening/Rigger Gloves.

Now these not only look like they are going to help you lift heavy with their robust and rough exterior but they are 99% effective in helping you add 35% to your lifts 42% of the time. ┬áBut obviously there are outliers in every scientific experiment so if it doesn’t work for you it just means you’re special and don’t fit into the norms of convention. That’s right, you’re your own being and everyone probably looks at you wishing they were you and will be straight down to a hardware store to get themselves a pair of gloves just like you.

2. Cycling Gloves.

Chances are if you’re wearing a pair of these to lift your weights you’re probably doing bicep curls in the squat rack in your Lycra shorts. You’ve worked hard to become a speed demon on the bike and now you’re going to be a demon in the weights room. But its fair enough cause if those rough bike handles were too much for your delicate hand skin it only makes sense to wear them holding heavy knurled steel. A recent study by a group of spin class enthusiasts found that they could easily hold a barbell and do curls whilst cycling but only whilst with their gloves on so it’s clear to see the strength gains you will get. Perfect for newbies.

3. Branded Weighlifting Gloves.

Now you’re going to have to pay a bit more money for these so that’s the reason these are only ranking at third place. The first two places are cheap and effective where as the cons out way the pros for these bad boys. Now they do come in a myriad of colours and designs but this brings with it a whole set of problems. Firstly will the colour match your handbag, then you need to consider the stitching and design is it really going to work with your heels. Next you will have to consider your nails… do they go? It becomes a fashion disaster if you don’t nail it. But if you’re willing to put the effort in and spend that bit extra you guys will not only look stunning but you will be lifting at least 50% above 1/2 of your previous one rep max.


Wearing gloves will keep your hands warm and clean. Save your hard earned cash and invest in a decent gym!