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What To Look For In Your New Gym

Iron Paradise or Metal Mayhem?

So you’ve either had enough of your current training dojo or you are making that life altering decision to turn you and your life around and shift that excess weight you’ve been carrying around with you. Well in both cases the choice you make now is a crucial one that is going to effect your social life, your personal life, your work life, and your bank balance.

So what should you consider, what are the factors that will ensure you end up where you want to be physically and mentally. Now from the offset if your thinking I need to make sure my new gym has a sauna and steam room then your first port of call should be Neverland cause you clearly are living in a land of make believe when it comes to your fitness goals!

Now if you’re still reading that means you’re serious so lets begin.

Rows of Treadmills and Cross trainers.

Perfect for those of you who have aspirations of being “skinny fat” that means you lose your weight from the relentless hours of mind numbingly boring cardio but you secretly have a shapeless, toneless mass where your body once was. Sadly its truly not a secret as everyone has watched you train and knows what has happened!!

But I want to run it keeps me stress free and its the only way I can lose weight! Ok it may keep you stress free from the normal humdrum of your daily grind and that’s fine but our advice is to join a running club where you can do it outdoors, enjoy the scenery meet people and get more out of it. Then come to the gym to do the rest of your training to make you a better stronger faster runner. More importantly get the training done which is going to give you the shape and tone that you want.

Their are good clubs out there if you look but a great local one to us is Sweatshop running club or even try a local parkrun.

So to sum up don’t base your gym selection on rows and rows of cardio equipment. Less is often more!

Stringers and Curls.

Now to some of you who are new to the gym environment you would be forgiven to assume we are now talking about some sort of hair styling here but in fact we are talking about clothing (albeit not much material is used) and a specific exercise. The bicep curl. These two things go well with each other cause chances are if you’re wearing a stringer your doing curls and intently staring at your flexing muscles.

Now don’t let these people put you off joining a gym they are an essential part of gym culture! Don’t ever feel intimidated by these gym goers they will not be looking at you unless you have a smaller stringer and decide to curl more than them.

Gym attire is vastly arrayed in gym culture but its not a reason to put you off any gym. Its similar to golf its perfectly acceptable to dress like a tool while you’re playing but make sure you change after!

Last point you may see some large metal rack like objects. These are quite definitely for squatting if you see people doing curls in these, slowly back away and ask for a full refund on your membership.

What Can I Do at My New Gym Then?

Simple. Speak to one of the coaches or trainers. These guys and girls can of gone through up to 6 weeks of training to stand next to a bit of kit and chat up members of the opposite sex. They are at the top of the game and some elite ones do a whole weekend of training to become a crossfit level 1 instructor. Pay particular attention for ones who have t-shirts with their status on the back. Any form of Master trainer is an industry leader.

There are however coaches and trainers out there who are worth the weight in gold if you can find them. Its quite simple just look for everything opposite to what we have just said.

Want to go it alone then check out the daily exercises posted here to get you going.


Now you can look out there for lots of bargains and cheap deals to find the cheapest gym. Cheapest doesn’t always mean best though nor does it mean worse so its not an easy decision.

It may be cheap because of volume of members which more than likely means rows of CV equipment and “skinny fat” results. It may be cheap because of a special deal to get you in to experience what a real gym should be like! And don’t be swayed into thinking paying more means you’re getting better service or training facilities. Remember there are only so many ways you can polish a turd!!!!

So now that we have made that perfectly unclear give us a call for some serious advice and to try out our facility.