Santa’s Top 3 Tips for a Healthy Back

We’ve been very lucky here at Back4health to manage to get an exclusive interview with the man, the legend that is Father Christmas. He’s taken time out of his very busy schedule to talk us through how he manages to stay the distance year after year without so much as an ache or a pain.

Does Father Christmas Exercise?

It’s not just pure luck that this man can do what he does year after year. He’s learnt over the years how best to look after himself.

“I have a very strict regimen of training throughout the year put together by anĀ S&C coach who ensures that I’m in peak condition come the big night”

So it turns out that he has a power belly and not, as many suspect, a mince pie and whisky belly.

What are Your Top 3 Tips to Having a Healthy Back?

“Deadlift, definitely deadlift. I make sure I have at least 2 deadlift sessions a week in the gym, this also pays off when it comes to lifting my sack. It really builds up over the year before I get a chance to empty it.”

So Santa works his training to suit his occupation, clearly using a good coach which is vital to the success of any long term training plan.

“Next up for me is the prowler. I love this bit of kit. Gets the blood flowing and the lungs pumping and it helps me out when Mrs Claus gets the sleigh stuck in a snow drift on the odd occasion I let her drive.”

So with one more choice to go we were all keen to hear what old St Nick would come up with and we were not disappointed.

“Pull ups are an essential part of my routine, would be a shock on Christmas morning to come down to find my big red behind hanging out of your chimney because I wasn’t strong enough to pull myself up and out, I always like to make sure I can pull out in time”

So Does Mrs Claus Workout Too?

“I can’t get her out of the gym most of the time. She loves olympic lifting and she has a very tidy snatch now. In all fairness we’ve both been hammering it for years now.”

The Naughty List

So with time running out before Santa had to go shoot his contractually obligated seasonal advert for a large soft drink provider we wanted to know if we had avoided the naughty list this year… well turns out we didn’t get his permission to use his picture in this blog so now we are awaiting a court date for copyright infringements and we won’t be receiving our thighmaster 3000. Ah well always next year.



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